PCCR Meeting

PCCR stands for Plan for College and Career Readiness. Every year, you'll meet with a counselor to create and review your plan for college and/or career, and they will give you more information on how you can best achieve your goals.

Plan for College and Career Ready is a primary strategy for recognizing student accomplishments and strengths for planning, monitoring, and managing education and career development in grades 7-12. This is achieved through an on-going partnership involving students, parents, school counselors, and other school personnel. The Plan for College and Career Ready program incorporates student information and competencies in the areas of Self-knowledge, Education and Occupation Exploration, and Education, Career, and Life Planning to assist students in establishing educational and personal/life goals and to connect students to activities that will help them achieve their goals.

We hold individual conferences will all 8th and 9th grade students and their parents 
to create and review students plan for college and/or career. The PCCR meeting is an important time for both students and parents to receive information on how to best achieve student goals. Parents will receive a letter further explaining the Plan for College and Career Ready conference with a scheduled time to meet with their student and counselor.

If the time that is scheduled for your appointment is inconvenient, please call to reschedule.  Our goal is to have every parent attend their student's conference. Please plan on spending approximately 30 minutes for your appointment.

Virtual PCCR Information

If you are unable to attend your child's PCCR in person this video will walk you through selecting courses for registration. This video  also shows how your student can update their own four year plan.