Latinos in Action

Advisor Mr. Nefi Ramirez

The mission of Latinos in Action is to empower Latino youth to be college and career ready through culture, service, leadership, and excellence in education.


All LIA students graduate high school, college and career ready
All LIA students retain through post-secondary educational tracks while cultivating character traits and leadership skills necessary to succeed in life
All LIA students complete post-secondary educational tracts and enter the workforce earning a livable wage
All LIA students have the self-efficacy to persist through their educational goals and become contributing members of their communities

Visit the Latinos In Action Website for more info.

Our LIA group volunteers as tutors, four days a week, at McKinley Elementary School. They have also participated in various service projects this year. 




It was so fun to be invited by our Latinos in Action students to join their circle today! What a great bunch of kids. I was deeply impressed with their positivity and motivation!