Citizenship "U" Remediation

Any student who receives a "U" at Bear River Middle School in the ninth grade, will be expected to remediate the "U" before they move on to the high school. If the "U" is not made up during the ninth grade school year the student will be required to return to the middle school and make it up before participating in any graduation exercises. Below you will find the options available to remediate a "U."  Click here to print the Citizenship Remediation Contract FormThis form will need to be handed in to the office when the "U" has been remediated.

Students will be required to remediate U's they receive in citizenship or they may not be allowed to participate in any graduation exercise as described in 
School Board Policy 4075.

Students can remediate a "U" by one of the following methods:

1. Performing community service (Cannot be for a family member and must be approved by an administrator.)
2. Paying a fine.
3. A combination of community service and fine.

Required community service hours or amount of fine per U:

U remediated within 1 trimester......... 4 hours or $30

Failure to remediate the "U" during the term immediately following the term in which the "U" was received will result in the remediation penalties being increased as explained below.

U remediated after the next trimester it was received......... 5 hours or $40

Also see the BRMS Handbook for more information on citizenship and "U's."

Print Citizenship Remediation Form