GYC (Governor's Youth Council)

Advisor: Mrs. Rose

The Governing Youth Council strives to unite the youth of today, generate awareness concerning alcohol, tobacco, violence, and safety, and challenges the community to live healthier lifestyles.

The GYC is a positive and educational youth group in our community that plans and coordinates drug free activities to promote positive youth lifestyles.  The GYC was originally formed in 1982 by Governor Matheson to provide direct input to the Governor on what works for substance abuse prevention and what is needed for the students of Utah.
The GYC at Willow Valley has a remarkable reputation in the Bear River Health Department for providing students who are willing to work hard and eager to serve the community.  Many of our students have continued in the GYC at Mountain Crest and at South Cache because of the caliber they possess.  The GYC experience is an awesome opportunity for students to build leadership, teamwork, and public speaking skills as well as building self-confidence.

Governor's Youth Council photo