Our Mission & Vision

The Vision Statement: Bear River Middle School is a place where team members work together to develop the “whole” person, to foster high levels of learning within each student, and ensure all students gain essential academic and life skills necessary to compete in a world economy.

The Mission Statement: Ensure Every Student Learns At Higher Levels

 In order to accomplish our mission and vision

We Will:

  • Encourage a safe and welcoming learning environment where administrators, teachers, students, and staff will work to create an atmosphere of support and trust.

  • Involve all stakeholders in the learning process.

  • Provide the support needed for all students to meet high learning expectations.

Professional Learning Communities will be utilized to:

  • Increase student achievement by encouraging student engagement with hands on collaborative activities that lead to high levels of learning.

  • Develop instructional strategies that reflect current research and proven effective classroom practices.

  • Provide informative assessments, targeted interventions, and appropriate extensions.