PLC Teams

Bear River Middle School meets in Professional Learning Communities on Wednesday mornings. Teachers share common assessment data. Using the data they receive from students they discuss intervention strategies and instructional strategies. This is one way BRMS ensures every students learns at higher levels.

Meet Our PLC Team Leaders

Meet Our PLC Teams

BELS (Box Elder Essential Learning Standards)

The BELS represent the essential standards for each grade/content level and are used to prioritize what students are expected to learn. They have been identified by grade level teachers through a collaboration process and embody the most "high value" standards in each course/grade. These standards represent those with the most endurance, leverage, and readiness in each curriculum area. Our teachers will do everything in their power to "guarantee" their students learn these standards. As implementation of the BELS is ongoing, you can expect modifications and additions to these documents. Click to view all Box Elder School District Essential Standards (BELS).

Middle School BELS

Rita Pierson: Every Child Deserves a Champion

Every child deserves a champion... an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the BEST that they can possibly be. ~Rita Pierson