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Bear River Middle School Handbook


The mission of the faculty and staff of Bear River Middle School is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function responsibly in society.

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Welcome to Bear River Middle School! You will find Bear River Middle School to be a wonderful place with all kinds of students, teachers and staff. BRMS team members have a lot of fun as we work to develop the “whole” person within each student. This is a positive place where good things happen. Your success in school will be proportional to the efforts you make. You are encouraged to work hard and participate to the fullest. If you do, your year will be great!

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Parents are the main influence in a student's life. We cannot be successful here at school without your support and help. Please encourage your student to attend school each day, to do his/her best academically, and to be cooperative with the rules that have to be set in a school for the common good.

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1.  Course requirements are established by the Board of Education. The trimester system allows every student to meet those obligations and take a maximum number of electives.
2. Each 12-week grading trimester with a passing grade earns 1/2 credit. F's receive no credit.
3. Incompletes (I's) become F's automatically if not made up within two weeks from the end of the trimester.
4. F's may be made up by a) repeating the class, b) working with the teacher who gave the failing grade until credit can be given (this method is solely at the teachers’ discretion and generally only for extended absences due to illness or family emergencies), c) participating in the Credit Recovery program, or alternate credit courses, i.e. correspondence, online classes, d) summer school, if offered and e) other methods as suggested by the counselors.
5. Each student will be responsible for his/her own make-up of credit, fees, and transportation.

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At Bear River Middle School some classes are large, seating and books are scarce, not to mention the distraction a visitor can be to the educational process. Therefore, B. R. M. S. does not allow visitors to come to school other than those invited by a teacher for educational purposes. Visitors who are not registered and approved in the front office are considered trespassing. Please note any students not registered at BRMS who choose to come onto campus without permission may be ticketed for trespass. Any BRMS students who are present at any other school, particularly Bear River High School, without permission may also be cited for trespass.

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Student dress, grooming, and personal hygiene contribute greatly to the atmosphere of our school. Extremes in dress, grooming, and appearance which detract from the learning environment or cause hazards to safety and health will not be permitted. Body piercing other than earrings, extreme hair styles and/or colors, and costumes other than on dress-up days are strongly discouraged and will be asked to be removed. Facial piercings other than earrings are not allowed at school. This includes piercings in the lip, tongue, nose, eyebrow, or any other place other than the ear. Extreme hair colors include coloring one’s hair any color that would not naturally grow from the human head.

Most problems occur with boys and pants being too low. With girls it tends to be with plunging necklines, shoulders not capped and length of skirts. Clothing with sexual innuendos, offensive language, gang signs/symbols, advertisement of alcohol or drugs, guns or anything else that is deemed a distraction will not be allowed as well. Dresses, shorts, and skirts are to be of sufficient length and fit to be modest. In addition, bra straps may not be showing and sleeves must cover the top of the shoulder. Bare midriffs and plunging necklines that expose cleavage are not allowed. Pants must ride high enough to cover the buttocks and underwear. Also, spandex or other tight fitting shorts, pajamas, pants with holes above the knee, tight-fitting leggings only, or other clothing deemed inappropriate by school administrators will not be allowed. Any clothing which is considered gang-related, has chains, or is deemed distracting in nature will not be allowed. That includes baggy pants, bandannas, oversized coats, trench coats, etc.

Students will be allowed to wear hats in the building until the first bell (7:45 a.m.). After the first bell they should be left in their lockers until the last bell (2:50 p.m.). Likewise, students may only wear sunglasses before the first bell and after the last bell. They may not be worn in or taken to class unless they are necessary for a medical condition. Students are expected to comply with the dress code whenever they are on school grounds or attending school functions.

Administrative Note - Dress codes are inherently subjective. Every effort will be made to be fair and consistent in their implementation. The administration and staff reserve the right, however, to be the judge of what is educationally disruptive, profane, inappropriate, or a safety issue.

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Student progress in academic performance and behavior will be reported through Parent/Teacher conferences, report cards, and/or progress reports. It is also possible for parents to access their child’s attendance record and progress report for each class through the internet ( Under the trimester system there are 3 twelve-week grading periods. Report cards are issued at the end of each trimester. Progress reports, and in some cases phone calls or letters will be used to alert students and parents as soon as it is evident that a student is at risk of failing. Letter grades normally designate a student's progress. However, in some cases a pass or fail grade may be used. A cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) is calculated for each grading period and is given on each report card along with citizenship grades. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers any time they have concerns or questions about their student's progress. At the end of the school year, these grades become part of the student's individual permanent record.

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We expect our students to behave honestly and honorably. Cheating/plagiarizing on quizzes, tests, or any assignments will not be tolerated. Any student who is guilty of cheating will get zero on that assignment/quiz/test and will not be allowed to make it up. A student who is guilty of cheating may be given a citizenship grade lower than a satisfactory. Anything that would be considered dishonest, misleading or deceiving may qualify as cheating or plagiarizing.

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Homework is an integral part of the educational process. It is considered vital practice to learning the curriculum and it should be expected that students will have some homework, but every effort will be made to avoid an excessive amount. If a student is absent it will be his/her responsibility to identify and complete the assignments for that day. Best practice is to get assignment prior to a known absence and have it complete and ready to turn in the day you return. If a student is absent for three consecutive days the school will collect the assignments for those days the student has been absent and those assignments may be picked up in the office in the afternoon of the third day, if adequate notice is given.

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Bear River Middle School desires to recognize and honor those students who are successful in their educational endeavors. Therefore, we will allow the names, and in some cases, the pictures of students to be published in newspapers, including the local newspaper as well as the school newspaper, yearbooks, etc. who we feel deserve to be recognized. Examples include honor rolls, athletic achievements, class and school activities, etc. If parents desire that their child’s name and/or picture not be published, they must notify the school in writing. Unless the written notification is received, the school will assume that permission is granted.

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Bullying is a consistent pattern of disrespect for others. It is an intentional act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain, or discomfort to another person. Bullying can take many forms: physical (hit, kick, punch, trip, push, etc.), verbal (harass, pester, put downs, gossip, etc.), gesture (flipping off, threat to fight, etc.), cyber or electronic (posting degrading comments, threats and photos in texts, emails or other forms of social media), extortion (demanding money or other services), and exclusion (rejecting others from participating in activities). Students have a right to feel safe, secure, and protected at school. The effects of bullying last a lifetime. The administration and staff at Bear River Middle School are committed to making our school safe and free from behavior which is hurtful in nature and disruptive to the educational process. For those who are guilty of bullying, every effort will be made to deal with it in a manner which is appropriate and that will make the behavior stop, including discipline points, parental contact, counseling, alternative placement, suspensions and/or court referrals. We encourage students to:

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For adolescents, their personal identity is a sensitive issue. At a time of their life when a young person’s maturity is changing so rapidly, sexual harassment is particularly hurtful. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other physical or verbal conduct or communication of a sexual nature. It has the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, and/or offensive environment. Sexual harassment can take many forms: clothing with sexually explicit or suggestive slogans, unwelcome notes or letters, pictorial displays, offensive physical pranks, unwelcome physical contact, name calling that is sexually degrading, catcalls, howling, whistling, rumors, rating lists, requests for sexual favors, and other sexual and gender based activity of a criminal nature as defined under the Utah Criminal Code. Bear River Middle School will not tolerate this behavior at any time and will correct inappropriate actions through corrective measures that may include discipline points, parent contact, student counseling, alternative placement, suspensions, and/or court referrals. We encourage students who are victims of sexual harassment to report it immediately to any adult staff member so that it can be dealt with. Failure to report it will only increase the likelihood that it will continue.

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Cell phones, IPODs, etc. have become a big part of our society. Our objective is to teach students responsible use and etiquette of such devices. BRMS will allow students to bring such electronic devices to school as long as they are used properly and do not become a distraction to the educational process. Cell phones, in particular, can and do present some serious challenges. Text messaging, taking pictures in inappropriate places, etc. are some of the issues we face with cell phones. Cell phones or other electronic devices are not to be used in class without approval from the teacher. Cameras or camera phones are not to be used in any restroom or locker room. Students need to understand that the privilege associated with these devices is contingent on proper usage. Failure to comply with school rules will result in loss of privilege.

If a teacher determines that a cell phone is a distraction, they will confiscate it from the student and deliver it to the administration. The following procedures will be followed:

Discipline points will also be awarded to the student for each violation. Please note that phones will
not be given back to students or parents on non-school days. If a parent needs to talk to his/her
child during the day, he/she may do so by calling the office. Students also need to understand
that according to Utah State Law any electronic device that has pornography on it while on
school grounds is a Class B misdemeanor. According to Box Elder School Board Policy
confiscated electronic devices may be searched for possible violations of state law and/or
school board policy.

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Good planning at registration time reduces or eliminates the need for class changes. Class changes for other than S.E.O.P. related reasons are discouraged. Before class changes are considered the following will be required:

1. Meet with Administration and explain the perceived reason or need for a change.
2. Students must have had the teacher at least one trimester.
3. Changes will not be allowed if changing from a smaller into a larger class.
4. Changes to arrange the same lunch as their friends will not be considered.

There is a $15.00 per class re-computing fee for all class changes that are not necessary for each student’s S.E.O.P. This fee must be paid at time of request or it will not be processed.

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Young people of the 8th & 9th grade have much to offer and much that can be celebrated. They are brimming with energy and the challenge is to focus that energy in a positive and productive channel. At BRMS the focus is on the positive. The faculty and staff are looking for the good in our school and recognize students for positive behaviors. This is called the P.R.I.D.E. Program (PRIDE is an abbreviation for Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence). Students are given PRIDE Tickets when they are discovered taking the initiative to do something positive. The tickets will be tracked and monthly rewards and recognition will be announced. At the end of each trimester a PRIDE assembly will be held to celebrate student accomplishments and a drawing will held to award prizes to those who have earned PRIDE tickets.

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This policy is established to help all students achieve self discipline. It is therefore expected that rules shall be clear and the consequences stated. All rules cannot be written and similar offenses will warrant similar consequences. In school management, the first line of discipline is the teacher. This systematic approach to less than crisis situations shall be documented as follows:

Note: Over-riding of the above steps must be for crisis situations only. Crises are profanity, extremely disruptive behavior, vandalism, open defiance or threat of a physical nature.

Administrative Discipline Points

Minor Offense 0-10 points
Moderate Offense 15-20 Points
Sever Offense 25-40 Points
Suspension from school is also an automatic 50 points

Discipline Point Procedure and Consequences:
Points are tracked throughout the trimester and year. Certain activities such as dances, assemblies or super activities will be forfeited should excessive points accrue during the trimester and year. Be aware that at the end of the year the Administration will reserve the right to suspend students for the final week of school should they feel that their behavior, and resulting points, over the year, or the most recent trimester, warrant it.

Points are reduced for appropriate behavior. If the student is not referred within 15 school days, 50% point reduction; 30 school days without a problem will be total point reduction. Points may also be reduced should the Administration feel that certain behavioral contracts have been met or when they feel there is sufficient justification.

Students need to understand that teachers may prevent them from participating in optional activities because of serious classroom problems which the teachers and administration will deal with on an individual basis.

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Citizenship refers to a student's general conduct, attitude, and sense of responsibility in and out of the classroom. A student’s citizenship grade reflects his/her attitude about general behavior in class, tardiness, and/or compliance with a teacher’s requests and class rules. Students should understand that poor citizenship can/may place their participation in jeopardy in certain middle school activities as well as current or future high school activities. A teacher or administrator can declare a student ineligible to participate in, or attend a school activity because of poor citizenship. A student may receive an administrative U for extreme inappropriate behavior in addition to the U received from the classroom teacher.



  1. The definition of truancy (sluffing) is failure to attend school.  Bear River Middle School is a closed campus.  This means that students are not to leave school grounds from the time they arrive until the time the final school bell rings.  Students who leave school property must be checked out through the attendance office.  Students who otherwise leave school property shall be issued a truancy ticket. Students who miss class or who are exceptionally tardy to class shall be issued a truancy ticket.
  3. Policies regarding truancy:
  4. Work missed at school while truant or while on suspension for truancy cannot be made up.
  5. Students who are truant from class will have their citizenship grade docked one step per truancy, in addition to not being able to make up the work missed while truant.
  6. Parents of truant students will be required to attend a conference with school administration during the school day before the truant student will be allowed to return to school.
  7. 50 disciplinary points shall be issued to any student who is truant.


Students will be required to make up U’s that they get on citizenship or they may not be allowed to participate in any graduation exercises as described in School Board Policy 4075.

Any student who receives a “U” at Bear River Middle School will be expected to remediate the U before they move on to the high school. Students can remediate a “U” by one of the following methods:

Failure to remediate the “U” during the term immediately following the term in which the “U” was received will result in the remediation penalties being increasing as explained below:

If a student elects to perform community service, he/she must get the appropriate form from the administration, complete and submit it to the office for approval. Approval must be received before performing the community service. The student will need to describe what kind of community service will be performed and who will be supervising the work. In most cases, it is expected that community service will be performed and supervised by someone other than a family member. In addition, it is to be understood that Box Elder School District, Bear River Middle School, or the employees thereof are not liable for the safety of those who are performing community service off school grounds. Once students have completed the community service, they are responsible for returning the form to the office with the supervisor’s signature indicating that the service has been performed.

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Tardiness is a Citizenship issue
Citizenship grades reflect how a student acts in class. Being tardy to class disturbs the class and requires the teacher to re-teach what was covered before the late student arrived, which wastes valuable time. The following shows how tardies will affect a student’s citizenship grade:

If students repeatedly come late to first hour with an excuse from home, Bear River Middle School will honor the first two such notes each trimester (12 week period) as excused tardies, but beginning with the third time students come late, they will be marked tardy. The excuse will be noted, but the student will still be marked tardy. The office will track those students who come late with excuses and will inform teachers when students should be marked tardy. Students who don’t bring an excuse will be marked tardy.

Making-up a Tardy
If a student wishes to make up a tardy they must follow the following procedure:

If these procedures are followed the student may have one tardy forgiven for every 10 school days in a row they are on time. This may be done as many times as there are sufficient days left in the trimester. For instance if a student has 8 tardies and wants to make up 3 of them they would need to have 30 school days left in the trimester in order to do that. Please note that the tardy will not be removed from the transcript but the teacher will “forgive” made up tardies so that they do not reflect on their citizenship.

Note: This policy only deals with tardies. Other disruptive classroom behavior may constitute justification for giving a student a lower citizenship mark than what would have been earned if a student’s citizenship grade were based solely on tardies.

Discipline and Consequences for Excessive Tardies

1-3 Tardies in one hour: Phone call from School Messenger to parents.
4 Tardies in one hour: Specific phone message from School Messenger warning parents of discipline action that will be taken with the next tardy.
5 Tardies in one hour: This would result in one Lunch Detention plus a phone call home from the administration to explain the situation with a request to contact an administrator.
6 This would result in 3 Lunch Detentions. A phone call would also go out from the automated system to inform parents of the 6th tardy and the resulting U in citizenship. . Escorting students from class to class will also be an option at this point.
7-9 Tardies in one hour: 3 Lunch Detentions per tardy. Phone calls will go home with each successive tardy alerting parents to the problem. Escorting students from class to class will also be an option at this point.
10+ Tardies in one hour: Students may be asked to serve time in ISS in non-core classes as well as being held out of optional activities such as dances, assemblies etc. A request will also be made to the parents to attend school with their student in an attempt to rectify the situation.












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BRMS is committed to fostering an environment for students, staff, community, neighbors, and visitors which is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption. A safe school environment includes the school and school grounds during school hours, district-provided transportation, and school sponsored activities. The following policy and guidelines have been created for this purpose in accordance with Utah State Law:

A. Student shall:

B. Students shall not, at any school or activity on any school premises sponsored activity:

In incidents involving weapons, if the student is found to have violated this policy:

In incidents NOT involving weapons, if the student is found to have violated this policy:

If you would like more information concerning this policy, please contact the school.

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(Board Policy #5290)

Bear River Middle School recognizes that the use, possession, distribution, or sale of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, and all other controlled or dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia constitutes a hazard to students and is illegal according to Utah State Law (UCA 58-37-8 and 32A-12-13). The school also acknowledges its responsibility to educate students and parents about the potential negative effects of the use of these items. It is the intention of the school to take proactive steps to discourage the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco and to facilitate and encourage treatment for students identified as users or potential users of these substances.

School district location means in any school building and on any school premises: in any school-owned vehicle or in any school-owned vehicle or in any other school-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school or other school activities; off-school property at any school-sponsored or school-approved activity, event or function, such as a field trip or athletic event, or during any period of time when the student is under the supervision of school district personnel or otherwise engaged in a school district activity.

Any student who violates the terms of the school district’s Drug and Alcohol Policy is subject to the discipline outlined in the school district’s policies including all disciplinary sanctions consistent with local, state and federal law, up to and including expulsion and referral for prosecution and/or completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program.

YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that compliance with this policy is mandatory. Please refer to district policy #5290 for further clarification.

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We will identify in The Leader those students in both 8th and 9th grade that achieve a 4.0 each trimester as “4.0 Honor Roll Member”. We will also publish those students whose GPA for the previous trimester is 3.667 or higher. Both of these are great accomplishments and we want to recognize those students who have worked hard and earned these grades.



A. Eligibility to run for office

1. Academic requirements: Students must have an overall 3.0 G.P.A. for the current year.
2. Citizenship requirements: Students may not have any U's and no more than 1 N's.
3. Students may not have earned 50 points more than 2 times.
4. Follow election rules and guidelines.


1. Academic requirements: Maintain 3.0 G.P.A. for the remainder of the year in which the student is elected and for each grading period during the year in office. If a student falls below the 3.0, the student will be on probation for the following term. The student must raise his/her G.P.A. to 3.0 during that time and maintain it for the remainder of the year. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from office.
2. Citizenship requirements: No U's and no more than 1 N for the remainder of the year in which the student is elected and during the year in office. If a student earns a total of 2 N's or 1 U, that student will be dismissed from office.
3. Do not earn 50 points more than 1 time on the discipline program beginning the day after the election results are announced. When a student earns 50 points the first time he/she will be put on probation. The second time the student earns 50 points he/she will be removed from office.
4. A standards committee made up of administrators, student council advisors, and teachers will review and monitor academic and citizenship grades of officers.



Bear River Middle School encourages students to participate on athletic teams sponsored by the high school. Students need to understand however, that they must be eligible according to the following rules:

1. Meet and follow all eligibility rules of the Utah High School Activities Association.
2. Meet and follow all eligibility rules of Bear River Middle School.
3. Earn in the trimester previous to participation and maintain during each term of the season a 2.0 G.P.A. with no more than one F in any grading period.
4. Students may not have a U on their transcript from the trimester prior to the start of their season. Students must remediate any U’s prior to playing in games.
5. When a student earns 50 points from the time of the first tryout he/she will be put on probation (can still practice and compete). The second time the student earns 50 points a conference with the coach, player and parents will be held to determine if the student will be removed from the team.
6. The awarding of letters for participation will be at the discretion of the coaches.
7. If a student is ineligible to participate he/she may continue to practice with the team if approval is given by both the coaches and the administration at B.R.M.S., but may not under any circumstances travel with the team or participate in any competition with other schools.
8. According to UHSAA policy, academic eligibility is determined when grades are posted. Students may not go back and request that teachers give them additional time or assignments after the end of the term to improve a grade. In addition, they may not request that teachers allow them to redo work to improve a grade so they can become eligible. Student athletes are expected to complete school work in a timely manner and remember that athletic participation is contingent on appropriate academic and citizenship standards. Students may request a grade review only to determine the accuracy of a grade, but not for leniency in standards or deadlines. A grade review must be done within seven (7) calendar days from the end of the trimester and any grade change must be completed within two weeks of end of the trimester for which the grade in question was received.



Students need to understand that academic and citizenship grades in their freshman year can affect their status or eligibility for athletics, student council, club membership, etc. when they enter Bear River High School. There are some clubs, sports, activities, class officer elections and other organizations that will require a certain grade point average and citizenship average in order to be a member. These requirements vary depending on whether the activity is regulated by the Utah State High School Activity Association or by the High School and even then there may be some variance. If grades are not sufficiently high some groups will not allow the students to join; other groups may put the students on probation. It is each student’s responsibility to realize that his/her grades in the middle school affect high school participation and are part of the student’s permanent high school records.

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Students, who have unresolved problems with staff members, teachers, or administrators of Bear River Middle School, should try to resolve the problem at the lowest possible level. Students are encouraged to use their counselor as an advocate and advisor to resolve the conflict. The following steps are in accordance with District Policy 5350 and should be used to resolve complaints:
1. If the complaint involves a problem with a teacher, the student should meet with the teacher to discuss the matter. (The student may be represented by an adult at any level of the complaint.)
2. If there still is a question or dissatisfaction with the situation, the student should discuss the matter with the Principal or the Assistant Principal.
3. If after meeting with the local administration, the problem is still not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, the student may present the problem to the Superintendent and to the Board of Education by requesting that the Superintendent make it a matter for Board consideration.

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Students in the 8th grade will be required to earn 9 credits during the course of the year. A student who fails to earn sufficient credit as outlined in School Board Policy 4055 in the core areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science will be required to complete minimum course requirements through approved remediation programs provided at Bear River Middle School. Students will be expected to remediate failing grades during the time offered in the term subsequent to the term when the failing grade was received.

If a student chooses not to participate in the remediation opportunities offered through the school, he/she will forfeit an elective(s) for remediation during the first trimester of the ninth grade year. For the exact requirements, please refer to the policy on the district website ( or pick up a copy in the counseling center.

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Regular attendance at school increases the opportunities for students to benefit from their educational programs. The Utah Compulsory Attendance Law (53A-11-101) directs parents to require their children between the ages of six and eighteen years to attend school. The law allows for parents to excuse their child from a maximum of 10 school days per year. Frequent absences of students from daily classroom experiences disrupt the instructional process thus impairing a student’s opportunity to learn.

When a student must be absent we ask that the parent or guardian call the school and provide a valid excuse for the student to miss school. Parents must provide a valid reason for absence within one week of their student returning to school. Should a valid reason not be given within that time frame the absence will remain as unexcused. Students will be responsible to make up any work missed in class.

The legislature has defined a valid reason as:
(1) Illness (including medical and/or dental appointments)
(2) Family death
(3) School activities
(4) Absence permitted by the provisions of an IEP
(5) Absence permitted by the provisions of a 504 plan
(6) An extended, pre-approved absence that will not adversely impact a student’s education

Because attendance in school is one of the biggest influencers on academic success the following procedures will be followed:
1- We will notify the student when they have missed the equivalent of 5 days in each trimester for any reason.
2- Once a student has missed the equivalent of 5 days in each trimester with no valid reason given (see above list) a phone call will be sent from our automated system alerting the parent of the situation and possible consequences
3- Once the student has missed the equivalent of 10 days in each trimester for no valid reason (see above list) they may be referred to juvenile court.
4- If a student misses 10 or more days for any reason a phone call may be made to alert parents of possible problems with excessive absences.

Pre-Arranged Absense Procedure

If a parent or student knows they will be absent for several consecutive days, it is requested that a Pre-Arranged Absence Form be obtained from the attendance secretary, Sandra. This will allow the teachers the opportunity to plan with the student for the absence and make-up of work missed. The best practice would be to have assignments completed upon return to school for submission. Pre-arranged absences count as a verified absence and will not be excused.

Make-up of Late Work

Each student is responsible to check with his/her teachers the same day he/she returns to school to get missing work. Because each subject is different and each teacher’s requirements and grading procedure are not the same, a student will have to check with his/her teachers and make up missing tests and assignments. Once a student has been absent three or more days the office will collect homework if the request is made. Long-term absences for health reasons should be reported to the office as soon as possible and will be handled through the homebound program.

School staff will keep accurate records, do their best to inform students and parents of excessive and unexcused absences and encourage students to get their make-up done on time. Make-up work should be meaningful and reasonable.

In some cases students may be able to get their work prior to missing school. It should be understood that teachers are not required to have all work and materials prepared far in advance. It may not be possible to get some assignments prior to the absence. In the case of truancy, teachers are under no obligation to give make-up work or accept assignments for the day(s) missed. Normally, students will receive no credit for any work done on days they were truant, but that determination is at the sole discretion of the teacher(s) involved and the administration.

Appeals can be made by students, parents, or teachers if there are extenuating circumstances regarding a student’s attendance. An appeals committee will be formed consisting of an administrator, a counselor, a parent, a student, and the teachers involved.

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(School Board Policy 4177)

A. Box Elder School District is highly committed to providing students a quality education experience in all areas of the curriculum, including information technology. Our investment in computer software and equipment is substantial. In order to protect this investment and provide the best education possible, all students using computers agree to the following conditions of use:

I recognize that the use of a computer is a privilege and agree to be respectful of this expensive equipment and not abuse or mistreat computers, software, peripherals, CD’s, diskettes, network cabling, manuals or other computer materials in any way.

I will not attempt to obtain or enter any passwords other than those that I provide for my own files (teachers are never to disclose passwords to students, including student aides).

I will not install nor use on school computers any software or programs which are not approved by the instructor including, but not limited to , e-mail, (hot mail), chat rooms, etc.

I will not shut off any file servers, and will only shut off computers and/or any other equipment when told to do so by the instructor.

I will not adjust or change any controls unless told to do so by the instructor.

I will not engage in any physical activity (horseplay, running, roughhousing, etc.) in any lab or classroom where computer equipment could be accidently damaged.

I will not bring or consume any food or drinks in any lab or classroom where computers are located.

I understand that the school cannot be responsible for viruses contracted on students personal diskettes.

I agree to download from the internet system only material and/or information which has been approved in advance by the instructor.

I will not transmit or receive any inappropriate material in violation of law or district policy. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted materials; threatening or obscene materials; materials protected by trade secrets; the design or detailed information pertaining to explosive devices, criminal activities or terrorists acts; sexism or sexual harassment; pornography; gambling; illegal solicitation, racism, inappropriate language; use of product advertisement of

political lobbying. I recognize that illegal or inappropriate activities, of any kind that do not conform to the rules, regulations and policies of the Box Elder School District, are forbidden.

I will not engage in any activity for profit on school equipment.

I will not log in on my account on a school computer for another student.

B. Web Pages: The following policy applies to the development of web pages:

Each school will have a designated Web Master who is ultimately responsible for enforcement of the Web Policies of the District.

Any Web page using the Box Elder School District name or logo or any of the affiliate school=s names or logos is not allowed without written permission from the district Network Administrator.

No school or class Web Pages are to be mounted outside of the District web server.

At no time shall any student’s photo or personal information (home address, name, e-mail address or phone number) appear on any web page without the prior written approval of the student and his/her parent or legal guardian.

Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or Utah State or district policy regulation or statute is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material threatening or obscene materials, anarchist, or terrorist information, or material protected by trade secrets.

All student web pages must be approved by the School Web Master prior to being posted on the district web server.

No links to or from the District Web pages are allowed without written permission from the district Network Administrator.

It is expressly understand that anything posted on a web page is accessible to anyone in the world.

I agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. I understand that any computer down time and/or damage caused by me to computer equipment shall be my responsibility and I agree to pay the costs of associated repairs including labor and parts. I also understand that any violation of this policy may result in the loss of my computer use privileges, suspension or expulsion from school, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities for vandalism, criminal mischief, the collection of damages, or other legal recourse.

(School Board Policy 2216)

A. The conduct of pupils being transported regularly, or to and from activities sponsored by the school, shall be the same as required while in attendance at school; all district policies for student behavior are applicable. Drivers are school officials and may take such measures as seem advisable to assure proper conduct including temporary suspension and permanent expulsion (as approved by the principal up to the length of the school year) from bus privileges.

B. Pupils must be on time. Students should be at their bus stop 3-5 minutes before the bus arrives. The bus will NOT wait for pupils who are tardy.

C. No pupil will be permitted to load the bus or be unloaded from the bus except at the stop to which he/she is regularly assigned, except upon written request by the parent or guardian to the bus driver and approval by the principal. (This means that middle school students may not get on or off the bus at the high school or any other school.)

D. Pupils are never to stand in roadways while waiting for the bus. When loading or unloading from the bus and having to cross the roadway, the student must cross in front of the bus. While crossing the roadway to load or after unloading from a bus the student must do so with the aid of the flashing red signals activated by the driver.

E. There shall be NO shouting, whistling, pushing, scuffling, or unnecessary conversation with the driver. The use of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, obscene of profane language is also prohibited. Pupils may not take firearms, blowguns, knives, water pistols, flippers, lighters, or any flammable material, or any other item that through its use may damage the bus, inflict injury on another person, or cause unnecessary disturbance. No pupil shall willfully attack or otherwise molest another student on the bus. Harassment will NOT be tolerated. No object or item shall be thrown from the bus.

F. All pupils must be seated while the bus is in motion. Passengers may not arise from their seats to exit before the bus is stopped; nor may they load or unload while the bus is in motion. Passengers must not extend heads, or other parts of the body out of the windows of the bus.

G. Pupils must NOT use the rear emergency door, except as directed by the driver.

H. Any willful or negligent damage to the bus by any pupil must be paid for by the pupil or the pupil’s parents/guardians. Students causing unnecessary litter will be responsible to clean up such litter.

I. No food or drink may be consumed on the bus without permission of the bus driver.

J. Bus drivers are under obligation to follow policies, procedures, and regulations of the board.

K. The radio and audible music on the bus are privileges controlled by the driver. When either is allowed it must (a) not contain profane or vulgar language and/or lyrics, and (b) not be played at volumes distracting to the driver or other students.


Box Elder School District and Bear River Middle School do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability (ADA). The district and the school comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Should you need special services, please contact the Principal at 257-2540.

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